Get Ready as Online Battles Return in DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince

Check out the online features available at launch. Square Enix

Good news for those excited on the upcoming DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince. Square Enix has confirmed that the online feature of the game is going to have a combination of fan-favorite game modes along with new ones. One of these is Online Battles, which is sure to make veterans of the series happy.

Online Battles is one of the three main online features available once the game is launched. There are different battle categories for players to choose from which include:

  • Ranked Matches
    • This mode has players fight against other players from around the word for a top spot in the ranking.
    • By rising through the ranks, players can also earn rare accessories and other items that can help strengthen monsters within their party.
  • Friend Matches
    • Players get to play for fun against others from within their registered friends in a player's Nintendo account.
  • Multiplayer Tournaments
    • Up to eight players get to duke it out in a knockout format against friends and rivals until only one reaches the top.

Quickfire Contests

Another online feature to look forward to are the Quickfire Contests. It's pretty easy to join since all that's needed is for a player to register their party's data. These massive competitions of the data coming from 30 players to conduct battles automatically. While participants can only earn rewards from a Quickfire Contest once a day, items include those that can increase the stat of their monsters.

Players can also make use of the information from the battles to not only improve the composition of the part but even make tweaks to the battle tactics.

Online Shop

Then there's the Online Shop where players spend gold coins that they earned to buy items. These include special scrolls which can teach a new Talent to a monster, a lot of powerful accessories, and even a selection of delectable meats. There's going to be something of value for every monster wrangler out there no matter their level.

The stock in the Online Shop is updated every day, which is in real-world days instead of in-game days. The items available also change as each player moves forward with the story.

DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince is launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on December 1. A demo is currently available in the Nintendo eShop.

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