The Hunt for the Turkulon Starts November 15 in New World

It's time to take down the mighty beast. New World

It's time to bring out the Grand Gobbler War Hammer as the Turkulon is all set to make its appearance again in New World. The hunt for the Feathered Avenger of Death and his "fowl army" starts November 15. Players get to earn unique and event-specific items and as a result to player feedback of last year, loot now drops more frequently. The event ends November 28.

The legend of Turkulon is actually well-known throughout Aeternum though not all citizens have the same opinion about it. While there are those who believe that this is nothing more than a bedtime story for children, there are also those who claim to have seen the massive bird.

One person who takes the legend rather seriously is Trateles. He blames the Turkulon for the death of his brother and is not afraid to openly discuss this beast in his search across Aeternum. This has resulted in the villagers giving him the nickname Turkules. To bring down the beast, he as forged a mighty hammer he calls as the Grand Gobbler.

Grab the Rewards

For this event, regular turkeys and Turkulon hand out different loot. Players can also use Turkulon's Claw Skinning Knife to earn even more rewards. Regular turkeys are scattered across the map and it's likely that players spend more time skinning them rather then fighting. Regular turkey loot includes:

  • Diamond Gypsum
    • 20% Drop Chance
    • Daily Limit: 6 per day
  • Turkey's Treasure
    • 33% Drop Chance
    • Contains Coin
    • Daily Limit: 3 per day
  • Turkulon's Claw Skinning Knife
    • 20% Drop Chance
    • Provides extra loot (Poultry, Poultry Thigh, Poultry Breast) when skinning Turkeys, both during and after the event
    • Limit: One per event

The Mighty Beast

Turkulon can be found in specific locations across Everfall, Brightwood, Mourningdale, Restless Shore, Windsward, Monarch's Bluffs, and Cutlass Keys. To take down this level 66 open world boss, players need to team up with their friends, Faction, and fellow Adventurers. It's important to remember that to receive rewards, players need to deal a minimum amount of damage.

Players are guaranteed to get all of the rewards after killing Turkulon 16 times. For example if a player hasn't yet obtained the Feat-O-Plenty Food Trophy after 15 kills, then Turkulon drops it on the next death. That said, the rewards are:

  • The Grand Gobbler War Hammer skin
    • 20% Drop Chance
    • Limit: One per event.
  • Massive Turkey Leg
    • 100% Drop Chance
    • Daily Limit: 5 per day
    • Used to craft special Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner.
      • Temporarily increases Constitution and Luck.
      • Slowly recovers health.
      • Potency scales depending on player level.
  • Feat-O-Plenty Food Trophy
    • 7% Drop Chance
    • Limit: One per event.
    • Increases duration of all Food effects when placed in the house.
  • Turkuless, Disgruntled Fowl Pet
    • 12% Drop Chance
    • Limit: One per event.
    • Makes "gobble-gobble" sounds while it sits in the house.
  • Turkulon Egg Seat
    • 9% Drop Chance
    • Limit: One per week.
  • Turkulon's Juicy Calves Boots Skin
    • 20% Drop Chance
    • Limit: One per event.

Learn more about the event here. What do you think? Ready for the hunt?

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