Players Calling Out Matchmaking System in Overwatch 2 "Unfair" and "Awful"

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Some players are not happy with the current state of the game's matchmaking system.
Some players are not happy with the current state of the game's matchmaking system. Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

Looks like some players are greatly disappointed with how the matchmaking system in Overwatch 2 works. Not only do they think it is “awful,” but they also see how the system can be quite “unfair." Some players are even saying that they are matching with opponents as high as top 500.

The ruse comes after Blizzard made changes on how ranks would work in the game’s competitive play. Unfortunately, these changes made it impossible for the matchmaking system to match players with similar skills. For instance, some players in the Gold and Platinum tiers are being paired to those in the Grandmaster level. Obviously, this has made both parties extremely unhappy with how their games would turn out.

Players have been venting out their frustration toward Overwatch 2’s current matchmaking system. One of them claims that he had a Genji team member with a top 500 tag on his team. At first, the player thought it was just a bug, but he eventually found it to be true after checking the player's profile.

The Genji player destroyed the opposing team, eliminating enemies left and right. The Redditor added that while it was such a sight to see, he thought it was just “unfair.”

Others also commented and confirmed that they also experienced the same thing in Overwatch 2. Another player said that while he is currently in the Master rank, he would get Silver or Gold players from time to time.

It seems the general consensus in the community is that the matchmaking system in Overwatch 2 is broken and needs fixing. Since the game’s launch, matchmaking has become a controversial topic, especially after players started seeing a huge difference in ranks in their matches.

Interestingly, just a couple of weeks ago, Blizzard offered an explanation, saying that it is due to players’ “hidden” SRS being similar. The hidden rank is said to be not showing on profiles and changes based on a player’s win or loss ratio even on Quick Play.

It is unclear whether the studio would issue another response to these ongoing complaints.

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