Pokémon GO: Here's How to Join PokéStop Showcases

A new way to play. Niantic

There's no question that every now and then, trainers in Pokémon GO would want to show off the Pokémon they have. After all, it's not every day that you can get some special ones.

The good news is that in-game, there's now a way to do this with the new kind of competition known as PokéStop Showcases. These are where you can put your Pokémon into Showcases at selected PokéStops and have them compete against those from other trainers.

Entering a Showcase

The thing is, not all Pokémon can be entered into this new competition. Only a limited selection is allowed and they'll be chosen from those featured in the game's current event.

How would you know that a certain PokéStop is hosting PokéStop Showcases? It's simple since it should have that unique icon above them; the Showcase icon should be green at the start. Then, tap the PokéStop and Showcase. Once that's done, you can enter a Pokémon. If you've done everything properly, the icon should turn purple.

By the way, you should be physically near a PokéStop to enter a Pokémon. In addition, Showcases are going to take place at the same PokéStops across the season.

It's also important to know that when you enter your Pokémon into a Showcase, it doesn't mean they're left at the PokéStop. You can still trade, transfer, change form, or evolve that Pokémon.

While each PokéStop Showcase supports 50 Pokémon, an individual Pokémon can only be entered into one Showcase at a time.

Other Details

You should also know that for the duration of a Showcase, you can catch Showcase-eligible Pokémon, and you can also switch out the Pokémon that you entered into the Showcase. Plus, it's possible to switch Pokémon entered in a Showcase remotely.

You can also check out your Pokémon ranks by going to the Leaderboard section on the PokéStop's Showcase page.


Once a Showcase is over, trainers able to participate get rewards like Stardust, and XP. The top three trainers receive rewards, such as an Incubator and a Star Piece. Finally, the trainer that takes home the top spot gets a medal!

The rewards can be claimed through the Today View when the Showcase is done. You can also claim the rewards directly from the PokéStop. To know if there are rewards available for claiming, the icon on the PokéStop which hosted the Showcase should be orange.

The first PokéStop Showcases are taking place during the Seventh Anniversary Party.

Pokémon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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