Rainbow Six Siege Adds New Operator Tubarão with Operation Deep Freeze

Get ready to meet a new Defender! Ubisoft

A new Operator is set to join Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Deep Freeze introduces Tubarão, who brings with him the freezing Zoto Canister gadget, which not only slows down the movement of Attackers but also disables their devices.

Tubarão comes from the Azores archipelago that's just off the coast of Portugal. This medium-health and medium-speed Defender comes with weapons and gadgets which allows him to thrive both as a roamer and an anchor. His MPX submachine gun for example is sure to give that much needed response to Attackers that he decides to engage. He also has the AR-15.50 designated marksman rifle which has been modified to use .50 caliber rounds, packing that heavy punch which gives him some rather destructive versatility. Meanwhile, his sidearm is the P226 MK25 pistol and combined with either the Nitro Cell or Proximity Alarm, can adapt the playstyle to complement the different uses of the unique gadget that he carries.

A Cool Device

Talking about his unique gadget, Zoto Canister can be described as similar to a impact grenade. What happens is that once its thrown and hits a surface, it is immediately activated. Unlike your typical impact grenades though, the Zoto instead supercools anything that's caught within its radius. It slows down the movement speed of Operators while also pausing, or ever disabling, their gadgets. As long as the Zoto Canister is active, the effect continues. Only when it runs out of juice does the freeing area dissipate and everything that had been affected returns to normal operation.

Prepare for a freezing time. Ubisoft

Fight in the Lair

A new Operator isn't the only new things to be introduced. There's also a new map, which is available to everyone for free. Dubbed as the "Lair," it's a secret military installation used by the masked antagonist Deimos and where prepares his assaults versus Team Rainbow. In fact, if you go to the top floor, there's a room where you can see some of his previous plans.

The Lair has been built into a massive cavern and comes with numerous entry points on each floor. There is also the top-floor spawn point which has Defenders need to make the most out of the Prep Phase if they are to withstand aggressive entry. The first floor has a reception area which also serves as a rocket launch silo, allowing for a vertical entry point in the middle of the floor plan. A basement-level lab sits meanwhile sits in the middle of layout and is surrounded by potential ingress points and flanking routes.

Excited for Operation Deep Freeze?

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