Second Closed Beta for Tarisland Begins November 15

It's time once again for another test. Level Infinite

Level Infinite announced that a second closed beta for Tarisland is starting November 15. It's going to be available for the PC and Android platforms in the regions of North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Pre-download of the game is now possible. This upcoming closed beta ends November 16.

It was back in June when the first closed beta for the game was conducted. Back then players got to choose from one of the seven classes as they explored different locations that include the Ancash Canyon, Misty Forest, and SilverLit.

For this upcoming closed beta. Players can still select from the seven classes plus two new classes. The first is the Shadow Swordsman which is a master when it comes to melee damage. The second is a mysterious new class and specializes in healing and ranged damage. Players can also look forward to the new 10-player raid which offers new challenges.

What else can players expect for this new closed beta? There's also going to be new PvP like an arena and two battlegrounds. Helping deepen the PvP experience is the new rank system. Other features are the optimizations and crafting skill systems. A lot of these are based on the player feedback from the previous closed beta.

Tarisland has been in development for some years now. This expansive MMORPG features multiple biomes and civilizations and gives players a large world to explore and let them experience a compelling and rich story. They can also find quests and many ways to explore every nook and cranny of the game's diverse world courtesy of different game modes.

Tarisland offers unique classes, each fully customizable to give players the ability to design their character to meet their preference and individual playstyle. The game's progression, meanwhile, is based on a seasonal system that provides new PvE content and PvP challenges.

The developers want it to have a fair and sustainable game ecosystem which everyone can enjoy. That means it's not going to be pay-to-win and there won't be any of those stat-boosting items available for sale at the in-game shop.

Sign up for the second closed beta of Tarisland here.

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