Friends vs Friends: Which Initial Character is Best for You?

Choose your fighter! Brainwash Gang

Friends vs Friends is an online PvP shooter, released last week, and it combines combat and deck-building; think of it like CS: GO plus Hearthstone. You get to choose a character, customize the card-based loadout, and fight.

While it is important to see what cards are available to you at the start, the more important thing is knowing if you're using the correct character. At launch, 10 characters were made available but you can only access four at the start. The rest will be unlocked as you level up.

So, which of the four should you choose?

Let Them Eat Bullets

If you're the type who's not afraid to shoot it out with your opponents, then Spike Remington is a good option. That's because Spike's character power, Big Bullets, lets your bullets deal more damage. What better way to be aggressive than having something that packs an extra punch, right? Spike pairs well with weapons like the Boomstick, Punch-R, and Brasshopper.

Friends vs Friends Spike
Dish out some punishment. Brainwash Gang

Hit the Target

Another good choice for an offensive playstyle is DJ Newton. DJ Newton has Reading Glasses as a character power to let you start each round with increased accuracy. While it's given that DJ works well with long-ranged weapons, it's actually better to pair him with weapons having high bullet spread, such as the Boomstick, FK-82, and Brasshopper.

Friends vs Friends DJ
Make some noise! Brainwash Gang

Get Healed Up

For those who prefer a more defensive play, the obvious choice is Duck Anderson. Their character power, It's Medicinal, lets you add a Green Herb card to your hand each round. Green Herb is a card that restores a bit of health and having one each round means there's a chance for you to last longer. Since Duck is all about healing, make sure to have cards like MedKit. Tin Man is also a good choice since it lets the character become bullet-proof for a limited time. Titan is a good card as well to pair with Duck.

Friends vs Friends Duck
Prepare to be healed. Brainwash Gang

Good Positioning

Finally, there's Moose Salto whose Power Legs character power allows a double jump at the start of each round. Because the priority is mobility, Katan would be a good weapon to have. The Albatross 21 is another good choice and since it's a long-range weapon, the double jump would enable good positioning. Of course, cards that make Moose go faster like Energy Drink and Move Faster are useful as well.

Friends vs Friends Moose
Get into position. Brainwash Gang

What did you think? Which starting character suits your playstyle? Friends vs Friends is now on Steam.

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