Here's How to Unlock Chocobo Riding in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Square Enix

After a very long wait, players worldwide can finally play Final Fantasy XVI on their PlayStation 5. The game offers a ton of explorable places where you can sink for dozens of hours. Immersing yourself in a new world can be a bit daunting at first, but help is on the way. To make your job easier, the developer added Chocobos.

Chocobos have become an integral part of the Final Fantasy series, and Final Fantasy XVIis no exception. These iconic creatures can indeed be ridden in-game, although players must exercise a bit of patience before gaining this privilege.

They won't receive immediate access to Chocobo riding; however, the skill can be gained later on. They can unlock this ability approximately halfway through FFXVI. Once unlocked, they are free to summon their trusty Chocobo mount at any time.

After completing the pivotal mission called The Crystal's Curse, players will witness a significant change in the game's world. It is at this point in the campaign that the opportunity to unlock Chocobo riding presents itself. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the village of Martha's Rest in Rosaria. It will be available after the second time skip in the game.
  • Step 2: Meet Rowan, the Traveling Trader who's standing beside his own Chocobo. He is present on the south side of the town and will give you the quest The White-Winged Wonder. Clive will have to find Whiteheart, a Chocobo named by villagers.
  • Step 3: Head south across the bridge into town and then go a little west until you spot a distinct white feather. The quest marker will be updated once you find it.
  • Step 4: Keep going south until you reach a marshy area. Prepare yourself for an encounter with a group of bandits who have set up camp there. Their leader is a formidable level 24 Huntsman who wields a powerful club. These bandits are harassing Whiteheart and its companions.
  • Step 5: Defeat the bandits for animal abuse. You will later find out that Whiteheart is Ambrosia, your childhood Chocobo.
  • Step 6: Whiteheart, or should I say Ambrosia, is now yours and can be summoned in open fields. Its companions will also show up and can be ridden by your allies.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in exploring the vast land by riding the Chocobo? Have you been playing Final Fantasy XVI recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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