Path of Exile: Best Maps to Farm Stuff in Crucible League

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When you've successfully completed the main campaign of Path of Exile, there is a ton of stuff that you can do, like diving straight into maps. But with so many maps to choose from, which ones are the best for farming gear and currency? Well, you've come to the right place! Here, I will go over some of the best maps in the Crucible League.

Crimson Temple

The first one on the list is Crimson Temple. There are a couple of reasons why you'd want to start with Crimson Temple when farming currency. For starters, the map's layout is simple and straightforward; in fact, you can rush to the boss if you want to. But more importantly, there is a small chance that you'll get The Apothecary - a divination card that can be exchanged for a Mageblood belt. Collect five and talk to Lilly Roth in your hideout to turn them in.

Now, if you find the design of Crimson Temple overly constrained, then the Defiled Cathedral is a good alternative. The Defiled Cathedral is almost similar in terms of layout but it is slightly larger than Crimson Temple. You can farm The Apothecary card here as well.


The Divine Orb is one of the main currencies used to trade for items from players in Path of Exile. That said, the next map on the list is the Cemetery map where you'll have a chance of acquiring Brother's Gift.

Brother's Gift is a divination card that can be turned in for a stack of five Divine Orbs. A lot of people farm the Cemetery map in Crucible League specifically for this card. What's more, this map has a relatively simple layout, so you won't get lost when exploring the area.

At the time of writing, Brother's Gift can only drop in the Cemetery map.

Jungle Valley

If you want to maximize Eldritch Altars, then Jungle Valley is great for that. You see, when you run a map influenced by the Searing Exarch or Eater of Worlds, you'll occasionally come across Eldritch Altars, which present you with two different choices. These choices could be downsides that affect you or upsides that apply to the minions or map boss in exchange for lucrative rewards/currency. While the rewards you get by killing the map boss with Eldritch Altar modifiers are good, the modifiers affecting you or the minions are better because you get more stuff in general just by exploring the entire map.

The reason why Jungle Valley is great for maximizing Eldritch Altars is that modifiers that affect the map boss don't appear as part of the choices. So, if you are looking to farm a ton of raw currency, the Jungle Valley is right for you.


If you like running pretty juiced-up Delirium maps, Strand is one of the best out there. Most of the maps in the game have complicated layouts, which may force you to backtrack in case you miss the boss room. With Strand, however, the map is pretty straightforward, so you'll never get lost here.

Now that you know the best maps to farm stuff in Crucible League, which one will you be running first?

Path of Exile is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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