Path of Exile: How to Start Earning Tons of Items and Currency Using Magic Find Build

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Do you want to farm the best items in Path of Exile without spending a lot of time? Do you want to get tons of currency when doing maps? If so, you need to build yourself a character focused on magic find. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to delve into even when you're on a budget. Read on to learn more.

What is Magic Find?

Magic find (MF) in Path of Exile is a term used by players to refer to builds that stack as much increased item quantity (IIQ) and increased item rarity (IIR) as possible. IIQ affects the quantity of items that drop to the ground when killing a monster, while IIR increases your chances of getting rarer loot.

If you're trying to build a magic find character, aim at a good balance of both. However, if you want to get tons of currency, focusing more on IIQ makes sense since it will impact how many items the enemies drop when you kill them. On the other hand, if you want to farm rarer items in maps, like The Apothecary, then getting as much IIR as you can is the way to go.

How to Get Started

Building an MF character is actually quite easy even when you're on a budget. Just get some mandatory unique items, such as Ventor's Gamble, Divination Distillate, Goldwyrm, and Greed's Embrace.

The item that has the biggest impact on MF among those is Ventor's Gamble. What's great about this ring is that it holds all of the essentials, such as IIQ, IIR, and elemental resistances.

If you want a way to boost your IIQ and IIR without breaking the bank, then Divination Distillate is the perfect choice. This unique hybrid flask improves both your IIQ and IIR, and also increases your elemental resistances by 50% during the flask's effect.

Goldwyrm is another cool item if you're aiming for higher IIQ. That's because this unique pair of boots can grant up to 20% increased item quantity, quite helpful when farming currency. The only downside is its paltry 10% movement speed increase.

Greed's Embrace is another staple in MF builds. While this unique chest armor reduces your fire and lightning resistances, as well as your movement speed, this does increase your IIQ and IIR by up to 15% and 50%, respectively. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that because this is an armor-based item, you might have trouble getting the right socket colors for your gem setup. Other than that, Greed's Embrace is one of the uniques you should look into when building an MF character.

You can acquire all of these unique items by farming them diligently on maps. Alternatively, you can purchase them from other players, though you might spend a lot of money on the perfectly rolled ones.

Now, if your build requires a piece of gear that occupies the same slot as the items mentioned above, only equip those that you can fit into your build. For example, if you're playing a cast-on-crit Forbidden Rite Occultist and you need to equip a pair of boots with increased cooldown recovery, just use Ventor's Gamble, Greed's Embrace, and Divination Distillate. While equipping all of the MF unique items is ideal, just using the ones that can be slotted into your gear without breaking your build is good enough.

Armed with this knowledge, will you be building a Magic Find character in Path of Exile?

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