Riot Games Teases Two New Champions, Announces Changes to League of Legends Rank System

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Riot Games is set to release two new champions later this year.
Riot Games is set to release two new champions later this year. Twitter/@LeagueOfLegends

Riot Games has some exciting things in store for League of Legends. The studio recently revealed its plans to introduce two new champions later this year and massive changes to the game’s ranked system.

The news came after a preview of the upcoming heroes surfaced. The studio is reportedly adding the enchanter Milio and assassin Naafiri. Although the developers have yet to announce an official release date, players and fans alike can expect these new heroes to arrive later this year.

The upcoming arrival of the two new heroes is part of Riot Games’ plans to create a more diverse champion pool. Not just that but the studio also wants the hero roster to be inclusive of all genders, cultures, and in-game skill levels.

Like the release date, the studio has not really shared anything substantial about the two League of Legends champions except for a short description. Milio is said to be a male enchanter that hails from Ishtal and he displays an exceptional knowledge and concrete understanding of the fire axiom. The studio even teased that the hero “uses fire not to raze cities but to soothe wounds.”

Naafiri, on the other hand, is a female melee assassin and a perfect hero for players “who want to focus on the hunt.” The hero seems to feature “bodies” in their “straightforward kit,” with the possibility of hunting “in a pack,” after she began tracking down her Darkin brethren. This is without a doubt the first Darkin champion to be added in recent memory (the last one was Kayn introduced in 2017.)

Riot Games also revealed some upcoming changes to the game’s ranked system. Basically, the soon-to-be-released season will have two separate splits, with rankings being roughly reset halfway through the season. This simply means that players will be offered not one but actually two ranked skins as a reward for participating.

The announcement came alongside the reveal that League of Legends was a lready added to the Xbox Game Pass. If you link your current account to the popular streaming service, you will be able to obtain some really cool rewards, one of which is a 20% XP boost.

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